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ARCANE (2002)

ARCANE, the Opera, at Saddlers Wells, London England On Stage: Opera Circus London / Fast Food Theater Muenchen Shown Battersea Arts Center, May 14th 15th, full Premiere, Cardiff Festival of Contemporary Music, Oct 2002 Currently on tour in England Sep 2004 Languages: English German


Theatre Play – non commissioned

The Stage: Glass Hearts

Date: 05/17/2001 Author: Aleks Sierz The domestic arrangement that the middle classes call a “men-age a trois” would be recognised by Sun readers as a simple three-some. In David Spencer’s gruelling new play, Darren, a divorced sixties music fan, moves in with Tina and her disabled teenage son, Ollie. So desperate is she for love [...]

Glass Hearts

Originally titled BLUE HEARTS Press and Reviews: Evening Standard The Stage On Stage: Tough Love Series at Southwark Playhouse London For Critical Mass

Evening Standard: Glass Hearts

Date: 05/09/2001 Author: Rachel Haliburton A love triangle that makes you wand to scream Davis Spencer’s play starts von territory familiar to Royle Family fans and progresses to the ninth circle of relationshop hell. As the play develops, the circle constricts, drawing the audince into a vortex of romantic delusion and the psychological cancer of [...]

IN HOPE Delivered (2001)

Commissioned theater play for Manchester Royal Exchange

SYMON SAYS (2000/2001)

A classroom in a British comprehensive school. As a punishment four teenage students have to stay back in school for an extra hour. Cindy, Nicole, Peter and the supervising teacher are in the classroom ready to start, but Simon is missing. The one hour detention period can only begin when all four Students are present. [...]

CLAMOR as Claemmoarr

Press and Reviews: die tageszeitung Berliner Morgenpost Radio MultiKulti die tageszeitung Die Welt On Stage: Guestplay at Schauspielhaus Hamburg Jugend Theater Werkstatt Spandau eV. Nov. 2000 & friend-Ship performance company e.V. Languages: English German


Work with Young offenders. Write Now Project. Contact: Amanda Dalton (or current education officer) Internet: amanda.dalton@royalexchange.co.uk Winter 1999. I work with youths; aged from twelve to fourteen, multiple rapists, killers, serious assault, pimping younger children where amongst their crimes. My job was to get them to write. One girl now works for Clean Break (Womens [...]


Non commissioned script.