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Contact: Michael Mueller
Internet: micheal.mueller.@schauspielhaus.de
Schauspeilhaus in Hamburg
Kirchenallee 39 / 20099 Hamburg / BRD.

Season 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004.

I organize workshops with young people from the city of Hamburg. They range in age from fourteen to twenty five. They’re drawn, mostly, from schools in the local area.
We meet fortnightly, we go through the basics of playwriting; original concept, title, structure, conflict, dialogue, disturbed rituals. At the end is a presentation at the Maaler Saal (which has a status very similar the Cottesloe in England.)
Jannis Klassing’s play, NICHT NICHTS, was shown at the Schauspielhaus and has been invited to numerous festivals; the author is now with the Fischer Verlag and that at seventeen.
ICH LIEBE DICH 00.58, from Anne Kathrin Wett, is in the Schauspielhaus’s current program.
A number of students have had productions outside the Schauspielhaus, one is now on permanent writing course at The University of Leipzig.