Drama Schreiben. Theatrepaedagishes Ausbuildung 2

Contact: Petra Zeigler, or Felicitas Jacobs.
Boddin Str 34
12053 Berlin
Internet: Petra.Zeigler@ba-nkn.verwalt-berlin.de

2002, 2004.

Two weekend seminars for a Theater Education Officers/Drama Therapists training course. Useually the course members are re-training from Social Service professions, or are Theatre Artists who use their skills therapeutically. The client groups that they anticipate working with (or do already work with) include the mentally and physically handicapped, drug addicts, old people, prisoners, youth groups, and women’s groups.
I give them a crash course in Drama Writing, they go away and write a few scenes, or a few scenes plus a structure, some do manage an entire play (on a particular theme, or for a particular event, which I also give them as sort of “contract play.”)
On the second weekend we look at their plays: how effective are they as drama? How effective are they in their educational or therapeutic aims?
I can not train them to write well as dramatists in such a short time, so my aim is to introduce them to the process of writing, to give them the confidence to practice techniques that I teach them for use in a particular educational or therapeutic setting.

Dozent Szenisches Schreiben

Contact: Frau Petra Ziegler,

VHS Neukoelln,
Boddin Str 34,
12053 Berlin.

2000, 2001, 2002.