Creative Writing Tutor

Contact: Felicitas Wlodygia
FU Weiterbuildung,
Otto-von-Simpson-Str. 13-15
14195 Berlin

Creative Writing workshops for older people who have an interest in biographical writing; the main genre is Short Story.

The Modern Two Act Drama

Contact: Frau Wieler, or Frau Bispin.
Freie Universitaet Berlin, Theatrewissenschaft
Grunewald Str 35

Summer Term, 2002, 2003.

I run and plan this course without supervision. At the end the students have a tool kit for play writing. Some of them will have a first draft. One student has now changed from has Theatre Studies to Literature (at the University of Liepzig) and another has had two professional commissions, a third was invited by Rene Poelisch to present a piece at the Volksbuhne Ost’s Praeter (which is like a showing at the Riverside or the ICA.)